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Authors Neda Nad Gordana Koljuskov

Gordana Koljuskov & Neda Koljuskov

Gordana Koljuskov has been a hairstylist for over twenty years, most of this time at a children’s hair salon. She has been in countless situations where little ones were terrified of getting their hair cut. She has tried many different approaches to ease their fears, and the few methods portrayed in this book have worked the best so far. She was inspired to write this book as a way to show both parents and kids that haircuts are definitely not something to be scared of! Overall, Gordana has greatly enjoyed working with her young clients, with their fun antics, sweet conversations and silly jokes, all of which have made her time as a hairdresser insurmountably memorable. This book is therefore dedicated to all these little ones who were and who continue to be brave enough to overcome their fears of getting a haircut.

Neda Koljuskov is Gordana’s third and youngest daughter. She currently works within the real estate industry in Toronto after having previously earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Neda offered to help her mother write this book in an attempt to address this common fear amongst children, and to help them achieve this small yet meaningful milestone. This book is also a small way of showcasing her mother’s work and achievements in her role as a children’s hairdresser, and to share the methods of success that Gordana’s clients and their parents already know. Lastly, this book is a way to give thanks to all kids who, just by being themselves, bring so much light and joy into the world of adults.
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